Tuesday, June 30, 2015

6 specifications to consider when buying a CCTV camera

Setting up a CCTV camera is a substantial expenditure and should be thought through. The key is to start by figuring out the needs the CCTV camera has to meet. These are some specifications to remember when making a purchase.

1. Lens

Lens should be decided according to the purpose of the CCTV camera. We personally prefer a lens with optical zoom rather than digital zoom as it adds more information.


2. Sensor

Size: Larger the size of the sensor of the CCTV camera, more light it can process hence improving quality of the image. Also, a larger sensor would be less noisy in low light.  Type: CMOS is less expensive and uses less power than CCD, but it is less sensitive and does not produce as clear an image, which can be particularly problematic when using the CCTV camera for identification purposes.

3. Resolution

Output of the camera depends on the input, therefore depending on lens and sensor, a resolution should be chosen. You generally want the camera to have HD resolution or higher.

4. Shape

According to your use, one of these shapes can be used.   

cctv cameras shape

5. Type

You want an IP camera, one that can be powered via standard 802.3AF ethernet switch.  This will save you tons of money and effort in installation and maintenance of the CCTV camera.

6. Range

Wide dynamic range (WDR). You want a CCTV camera that can record greater scene details, from shadows to highlights to normal scenes.    

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